Thursday, June 3, 2021

California 15 Best Roads part 4 of 4

I put my nose to the grindstone (ahem...)  as I return to to California to complete the 15 best.
Don (nvr2old) joins me to ride a couple of them and mans the camera for several of these shots.

First is the Mormon Immigrant Trail starting at Sly Park Dam

#13 - Morman Emigrant Trail Pollock Pines to Ca-88

No gas station at the end so we ride for several miles before we can get a receipt.

# - 14 CA-44 Susanville to Redding

# - 15 CA-96 Yreka to Willow Creek

After an overnight stop along the way I make it to Willow Creek the next morning. I'm solo now as Don has returned home to Washington

# 15 REDO of # 10 CA-180 "Generals Highway" CA-198 to Kanawyers

Where I gassed at both the beginning and the end.

This was an awesome project. I was very surprised and happy to learn about these roads that for the most part have never been on.

I can't wait for next years!

I made a new friend...maybe he will ride with me next year...

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